BodyPharma Anabolic Supplements

Join the champions with BodyPharma supplements

BodyPharma anabolics, legal alternatives to anabolic steroids are produced in European Union since 2013.

Our main aim is production of highly potent performance-enhancement products that are as close to anabolic steroids as it gets but still within the legal framework of EU, US and other legal systems. This means that our products:

  • 1. Are not based on human/animal hormones
  • 2. Are not harmful to human health*
  • 3. Are fully approved to be sold OTC in every EU country with a valid registration
  • 4. Do not contradict any US, Canadian, Australian or other customs rules and can be legally exported worldwide**

*This means that there is no clinical study showing any such harmful side effects
**This is true concerning individual import when the products are sold on individual basis through our online shop. If you wish to import BodyPharma products in bulk quantities to a non-EU country you will need to get approval from your local FDA or similar authority.
Based on a breakthrough approach in biology, BodyPharma products became hugely popular among athletes worldwide.